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Family Math Games

Family Math Activities

Are you looking for ways to spend time with your child while also helping them learn and grow academically? Here are some websites with ideas for simple educational games you could play as a family to keep that learning going in a more hands-on and interactive way. You can help your child learn to enjoy math, and therefore excel in math, by doing simple and fun activities together!

Background information on why math games are beneficial:

To begin, Dan Finkle has a wonderful TED talk that goes over 5 basic principals of quality math instruction, the video is only about 14 minutes long. You can watch it by clicking here

All of these activities, or any others mentioned in the podcasts, would be a great way to help your child academically in a way that encourages mathematical thinking without any pressure or stress, and, bonus, it will get you spending time stimulating your brains together as a family!