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Schedule for the week and day

Schedule for the week and day

IPADS  charged and ready to go all day every day.

9:15. Check in and begin the day with a morning meeting

9:30 Reading begins-bring your books for book reports, paper and pencil, Hero’s journal

10:30 take a break!

10:45 Writing begins-bring your journal, writing or composition book, pencils/pens

11:45 Take a break!, Have lunch, take a walk!! Get moving!

12:30 conferring time-this will be on an appointment basis

12:45 Math begins-graph paper, pencils, pens, white boards

1:45 We have our closing meeting

2pm You work independently on the day’s assignments and STEM/independent work-move around before you begin!!

3pm specialists-check your main schedule for this to be sure