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Langley, Julie

Mrs. Langley

Name: Mrs. Langley
Grade: 5th grade
Room: 14
Phone: (206) 230-6071

Schedule: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Best Form of contact: email or phone


Welcome to the most exciting school year! We are a class of 28 students who are ready to learn, making connections with old and new friends, becoming educated and responsible citizens, practicing healthy and safe digital habits, and, of course, having fun. We are fortunate to have our one to one iPads to connect us to the coginitive, digital, and global world. Together, we are: developing a love for learning; embracing a willingness to take risks; exercising flexibility and resilience; showing grace and compassion; learning to appreciate and accept each other, our similarities and our differences; building friendships that will follow us throughout our school days and beyond; and giving our Full 90 each and every day.