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MISD 2023 Instructional Tech Day A Huge Success

MISD 2023 Instructional Tech Day A Huge Success
MISD Communications

Mercer Island, WA, August 30, 2023 – The Mercer Island Instructional Tech Day on Monday, August 28, in the MIHS Performing Arts Centre was a huge success.

Superintendent Dr. Fred Rundle kicked off the day with a simulated conversation with our very own “MI Bot” to discuss the possibilities where AI can assist teachers, not replace them.

Staff members were able to foster a sense of belonging by participating in a “Mission Possible” themed photo booth with colleagues and friends.

Over 300 certificated staff members attended three separate sessions from over 60 tech integration choices – with 50 being led by the expertise of our own MISD educators!

The entire staff was able to gather in the PAC for a live overview training of our new Student Information System, Qmlativ, led by MISD’s Jiovanna Koceski.

A highlight of the day is the all-staff BBQ lunch which is traditionally served by our Administrative Staff.

Dr. Rundle was able to honor our District Food Services Director, Carol Bus, who is moving on after faithfully and flawlessly serving our school community for the past 20+ years. She will be incredibly missed!

A few of our educational vendors and customer success reps were able to attend in person to answer questions in a Tech Playground and provide new learning during sessions. Pictured in the gallery below is Eirik, co-creator of CuriPod, who traveled all the way from Norway to attend!

Purchased from mostly local businesses using generously donated funds from our Mercer Island PTA, staff members scanned a code following each session/experience to be entered to win one of 45 fabulous raffle prizes.

Mission Possible 2023 would not have been possible without the dedication and talents of our amazing group of tech support staffers!

The magic behind MISD’s annual Tech Day is thanks to our five characters Instructional Technology Coaches, seen in the Mission Possible photo booth photo in the gallery.

We are already looking forward our 2024 Instructional Tech Day.